When it comes to the journey of personal growth, we usually imagine travelling solo. In most cases, we picture ourselves achieving the greatest heights in personal development alone. This is because we often get demotivated by the increased level of advice that others give on how to be purposeful and develop self-discipline. Hence, we make our own decisions on how to shape our behaviors and habits — alone.

However, when we take a good look at people who are successful, we will realize that they did so through the help of others. Exceptional parents visit and get ideas from other parents and blogs; chief executives glean wisdom from their mentors. The list is endless. Everyone that is great today got there with the help of other people.



  • SPEND YOUR TIME WITH PEOPLE THAT MATTER: We eventually end up looking like the company we keep. We are often influenced by the ideologies and habits of the people around us. We are challenged to implement the actions and ideas that helped in shaping the successes of those around us.

We are motivated by looking to them as role models in the areas of our lives that we seek development. Hence, hanging out with the right company is a fundamental way to effective personal growth. We are often happy in some relationships, frustrated in others, and challenged by a few. And of course, some of our relationships affect our lives in all three ways.

This does not imply that we should only search for people that are better than us as we may feel under pressure of becoming like them. However, the strength of knowing people with common or similar goals will help complement our own. Learn more about at:

  • HAVE A COMMON GOAL: You do not have to set your personal growth goals alone. Sharing aspirations with others helps in keeping us accountable for them. Walking alone in achieving your aspirations can be both tiring and challenging. Hence, the need to have the right people around you to motivate and challenge you to achieving your personal goals.

They challenge us to take one more step when we feel like giving up. When you share your aspirations with people who have similar goals, the journey to achieving personal growth becomes easier. Having the right people around, eliminates the feeling of being alone, motivating you to take another step towards your goals when you feel like giving up.

  • REQUEST FEEDBACK: Making the decision on which aspects of your life need development is totally up to you. However, when we do this alone, we may end up making the wrong decisions. The reason is that we often tend to bite off more than we can chew. We usually end up setting unrealistic goals that are likely to result in failure to achieve them.

Hence, the need to request feedback from our friends, family and peers to make proper decisions about where improvement is needed in our lives. When it comes to personal development, feedback is essential. According to research, we improve our chances of achieving our personal growth when we request feedback from others.

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