The Cleanest Cities in Pennsylvania

As we have been moving through the past few decades it has become increasingly clear that as a country, we need to change some of our practices. Air quality, pollution, and consumer products are something we are looking at differently. We should always be asking ourselves what our effect on our planet is. Pennsylvania is one of the most naturally beautiful states, yet it is not perfect. Below we will look at some of the cleanest cities that Pennsylvania has to offer.

State College

Penn State University’s main campus is much more than just a University town. Although it is a proud and definitive college town, that’s not all that it is. There is a large green initiative in the city. They have implemented standard practices that will create longevity for their environment and economy. They have a mission to reduce greenhouse gasses by 10% and to create a more walkable and preserved city.

State College provides public transportation that is fueled by clean compressed natural gas. They have established the Clearwater Conservatory which encourages residents to spend time outside educating themselves on nature. This brings with it a love for the outdoors and the desire to protect it. They are also looking to protect natural water sources and restore the tributary Slab Cabin Run.

Additionally, they push living and buying locally, supporting organic farmers, and being environmentally responsible. Every Earth day State College hosts a river cleanup and replants trees and other greenery. They encourage this all year round as well.


Known as the Steel City and home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, this city has some of the most progressive sustainability initiatives in the whole state. They encourage every resident to reduce pollution and integrate proactive sustainable measures within their everyday lives. The mayor has plans to make the entire city 100% renewable electricity by 2030. There are also smart garbage cans dotted around the city to reduce time and energy spent on collections.

While browsing Pittsburgh houses for sale, you should look into what kind of green initiatives are implemented in these potential communities. There is Sustainable PGH which is a nonprofit that was created to build sustainability in every sector of Pittsburgh life. They strive to implement better practices for communities, restaurants, shops, and workplaces.

Besides changing what we do to our environment, we must look at the byproduct of other human actions that ultimately create pollution or are detrimental to our ecosystems and environments. Pittsburgh has created multiple committees, offices, and governing groups to look at every aspect of how to limit our effects on climate change.


Sitting in the far northeast of the state, Milford is a small, quaint town that offers amazing views of Pennsylvania’s natural forests and a friendly neighborhood. Many of the residents of this town have a true desire to live a healthy and sustainable life. You can see this represented in the local cafes, shops, and boutiques. Many of which are looking to offer up some of the best services or products while doing so in a way that helps the planet.

This area is home to many natural resources including the Unami Watershed and implements all they can to protect this area. There are riparian buffers around the watershed that are used to break down run-off. These buffers have vegetation that filters nitrates from the run-off. Additionally, Milford has a very high air quality, one of the very best in the state.

As someone who personally was raised close to this town, I can attest to the efforts put in place to protect the natural areas of this part of Pennsylvania. Milford is the hometown of Gifford Pinchot who was the first Chief of the Forestry under Theodore Roosevelt.

Whatever these cities speak to you the most, you can bet that they will all be looking to protect their city and make sure it has a prosperous and viable future.

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