There are so many benefits associated with doing business/patronize us. Not a lot of companies are truly concerned about overall customer experience. All they are interested in is your money and having their products sell out. Which entirely isn’t bad, but at waistdear we want you to love your purchase and service together. This is from wholesale service, affiliate program, Klarna plan, customization to the coupons just for our amazing customers. There is even a reward program for referring your friends who have not bought retail/wholesale shapewear from us, your friend even gets some discount. That’s a win win for everyone.

Wholesale service

With this service you don’t have to pay any joining fees. You get to receive a lot of discount coupons, brand custom that consist of logo, hang tag sticker, wash label and package. Up to 70% discount on clearance items. You also get the perks of free download of products descriptions without waistdear logo and enjoy personalized customer care performed by sales managers. You can become a waistdear wholesaler by no complex process, all you must do is just register and get the wholesale discount coupon which you can use when placing your order. There is no minimum order with WD, but for large quantity orders you should aim at 50 pieces per item at least.


This package lets you customize the design of your products and also allows you do a custom logo waist trainer, sports wear or shapewear available at our store. And we do this at a very affordable price.

Logo Fee (waistdear.com)

Drop shipping

We cooperate with FedEx and usps for cheaper shipping and fast shipping. You can order by creating a google drive put your order on the link and give the list to us. You can also give us the cvs file and the order will be shipped, and tracking details will be given to you based on the customer name. You can also place your orders on our website with your own client(s) info and we will ship one by one for you.

Our company label will not be on any of the items but shipping address can not be changed, kindly note that. It takes 24-48hrs for your order to be processed. We can use your pictures but you’ll have to inform us and we will need to get your company name registered with out visual department.